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Helping You Create Outstanding Results - With Whatever Life Gives You!

"You have a remarkable ability to communicate and coach."

—Richard Yank, Vice President, HR, ALCAN, Montreal

Who Are My Ideal Clients?

Those who are stuck, stalled, in transition or unclear about next steps.

Those who know what they want to create but not how to create it.

People who are successful — but not at what they love, or in a way they'd love to do it.

Active or aspiring "creatives" — writers, artists, designers, film-makers, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs.

Anyone who wants to simplify a stressful life AND create meaningful success.


Free Coaching Info Packages

For details of my results-focused personal/professional coaching approach, please E-mail me with "Success Coaching Info" as subject.

"Results like creating new clients or hosting a great workshop come easier, with less stress and worry. As a personal coach, I'd say you are a success!"

– M.H. Fitness/Yoga Consultant, Vancouver, BC

How To Get Unstuck, On Track And Creating Success That Matters

"Downsized. Couldn't find work. Stuck. Bruce helped me clarify what I wanted, then showed me how to create it. I'm now a freelance photographer and film-maker. Loving it!"

- B.D. Brown, Freelance Photographer, Victoria, BC

Would you like to know more about "How" I work?

See my How I Work page.

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