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Thrive! Create What Matters MOst - In Challenging Times and Beyond

Highly praised, 100+ page eBook — "THRIVE!
Create What Matters In Challenging Times & Beyond!"

This free ebook introduce you to my results-based personal life coaching and success coaching approach.

The ideas and practices in THRIVE! will help you build resilience. It will help you feel up and energized, confident you have the skills and structure to create what matters most — in good times and bad.

THRIVE! will help you act as your own personal life coach. It can help you commit to your dreams AND create a simple yet rich, successful life and work -- independent of circumstances, problems, or adversity!

Dr. Paul Stolz, author of Adversity Quotient: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities says:

"Bruce provides a life-organizing framework with which you can dramatically refocus your life on what matters most. If you read this book, be prepared to let go of stress and extraneous burdens, and renergize your life."

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Sweet 1-page Review of THRIVE! and my Coaching Approach

To read the review, go to Boulevard Magazine. The review is on page 20.

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A Success Coaching Newsletter About Simplifying Life And Creating Success On Your Own Terms

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"This success coaching newsletter is quite frankly one of the most practical and inspiring I've seen. I wait anxiously for each issue. It truly helps me thrive!"

- Chandra Perman, London, England

"I look forward to Simply Success. I enjoy your take on creating results and I love the quotes. Thanks for being so personal, Coach!"

- Randy Sissons, Victoria, BC

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