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Simplicity and Success book cover for Simplicity and Success

Creating the Life You Long For

"Highly recommended!"

- David Heitmiller, Co-author of Getting A Life

"Bruce's approach is exciting and challenging."

- Wanda Urbanska, PBS Host for Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska

"Bruce Elkin does a great job."

- Janet Luhrs, author The Simple Living Guide, Seattle, WA

"Bruce was doing minimalism way before it became popular."

- David Renton, Blogger, Victoria, BC

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THRIVE! cover image of Thrive!

Create What Matters Most - In Challenging Times and Beyond

"Impressive: a life-organizing framework to refocus your life on what matters."

- Dr. Paul Stoltz, Author: Adversity Quotient & The Adversity Challenge

"I use some of Bruce's tools and can testify to their awesome power."

- Vicki Robin, Million-Selling Coauthor of Your Money Or Your Life

"Thrive! can help you create an adventurous, fulfilling life."

- Sharon Wood, First North American Woman to Summit Mt Everest

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The ABCs of Emotional Mastery book: Emotional Mastery

Manage Your Moods, Build Resilience and Create Results

"The ABCs is a kind of handbook for self-coaching in mood-changing and taking action."

- F.S. Henderson, Counsellor, Victoria, BC

"Using The ABCs helped me simplify life and work, improve my relationships and make minimalism work for me as a writer. I use these skills daily."

- D. Agassi, Writer, Calgary, AB

"Well-written and very useful for smoothing out emotional swings and increasing my results."

- Sandy Belynza, Vancouver, BC

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Emotional Mastery book: Emotional Mastery

Manage Your Moods and Create Results — With Whatever Life Gives You!

"Emotional mastery helped me see how I was causing my own anxiety and depression and what to do about it."

- David Ruben, Publishing Executive, New York NY

"Using the exercises in this book helped me change my mood from miserable to relaxed and mostly happy."

- Helen Astikkosh, HR Consultant, Vancouver, BC

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Creating Sustainable Success thumbnail of Cover of Creating and Sustaining Success

Five Problems with Problem Solving — and What We Can Learn From Them About Creating Rich Yet Simple, Healthy and Sustainable Lives and Work.

"Excellent! Outlines 5 barriers to success — and how to overcome them by shifting from a problem-focused stance to the more empowering stance of a creator of results. Love it!"

- D. S. Silverman, Freelance Writer, Edmonton AB

"An important book! It shows how over-relying on problem solving -- in life, work, and in our approach to our environment -- can cause worse problems. And shows us what to do about it."

— Arren Hofstad, Green Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA

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