Bruce Elkin Personal Life Coach, Personal Success Coach, Life Design Consultant

A Life Coaching Book To Help You Create Simplicity and Success in Life, Work, and Business

Here's what Simple Living experts say about Simplicity and Success's new approach to a rich yet simple way of living.

"I have one thing to say after reading Simplicity and Success. WONDERFUL!"

- Eartheasy Magazine

"In Simplicity and Success , Bruce Elkin provides a life-changing framework with which you can dramatically refocus your life on what matters most. Don't read this book unless you're prepared to reduce your stress, dump extraneous burdens, and re-energize your life!"

- Dr. Paul Stoltz , Adversity Quotient

" Highly recommended! A fine book by a long-time student of simple living. An excellent tool to identify values and create a life purpose worth living!

- David Heitmiller, Getting A Life , follow up to Your Money or Your Life

"Bruce Elkin does a great job showing that voluntary simplicity doesn't mean doing without - rather, simple living is about fine-tuning your life to achieve your most important dreams."

- Janet Luhrs , The Simple Living Guide

" 4 Stars! Elkin does a great service for the simple living movement. . . .In emphasizing creativity over critique, the book echoes Gandhi's advice that "we become the change we wish to see in the world. "

"Elkin intuitively grasps the principle that only positive action has staying power ; only authentic visions leading to fully creative acts can move us beyond consumer culture and help forge a constructive alternative to it. This is voluntary simplicity at its best."

— Mark A. Burch, Simplicity , and Stepping Lightly

"Simplicity and Success elaborates a useful point not found in any other titles in the "simple living" genre. I particularly liked his explanation of "the simplicity on the other side of complexity."

- Resurgence Magazine

"A wonderful simple living book . eye-opening! There is a brilliance in this book that impressed me."

- Best Books Reviews

"Simplicity and Success is a good book, not in the sense of a page turner, but a page-lingerer."

- Victoria Times-Colonist

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